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Ceramic plate: in the dark to gradually expand the market
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As the "exotic" China ceramic industry, ceramic plate after nearly 8 years of development, in the aspects of technology, product development and maturation. On this basis, the Guangdong Monalisa New Material Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Monalisa") as the representative of the ceramic enterprises, have achieved good results in the ceramic plate market development, a solid foundation for the comprehensive promotion in the Chinese ceramic plate.

It is worth pointing out, ceramic plate in Chinese ceramic market share is not high, the product, ceramic plate Monalisa held most market share, presents the development status of a thriving. Ceramic plate to seize more market share, the need for more enterprises to jointly promote.

This period "Tao Cheng big lecture room" plate special, will present the development of Chinese ceramic plate in the marketing promotion, and introduces the current market situation, in-depth analysis of factors influencing ceramic plate further market development, development strategy of ceramic plate in terminal marketing promotion, let more industry in-depth understanding of ceramic plate marketing promotion.

Innovation category, more innovative marketing mode

As a new product of the ceramic industry, ceramic plate launched at the beginning, in the Chinese marketing promotion or a blank, and market development, is also facing many difficulties. In this case, Chinese ceramic enterprises to Monalisa, on behalf of the exploration, promotion, not only summed up a set of marketing, but also realize breakthrough innovation, to seize more market share for the ceramic plate, and lay a good foundation.

Early product promotion difficult

Products only to enter the circulation state, can become commodities; products only become commodities, in order to produce value. This is the ultimate goal of the development and production of products, so is the ceramic plate.

As the pioneer of China ceramic sheet, since 2007 R & D and production of ceramic plates, ceramic plate Monalisa began efforts to integrate the new building materials market.

However, to promote ceramic industry a new product, it will have many difficulties.

First of all, the lack of infrastructure. To promote a new product, first of all need to have good infrastructure as the support, this includes product related standards, installation technology improvement, product construction, the training of marketing personnel, the atlas products production, product marketing and so on, these are essential in the marketing conditions.

Secondly, a single product, decorative effect is poor. Sheet metal product surface industry early introduction of solid color, color monotone, decorative performance is poor, does not meet the aesthetic requirements of many project developers, designers, distributors and other consumer groups. Therefore, compared with other competing products, in the decoration function at a disadvantage.

Once again, the ceramic plate of marketing in the Chinese blank, no experience. Before the European ceramic power China launched ceramic plate, but in the European market development is not ideal, there is no systematic way of marketing can be used; at the same time, European countries and the Chinese conditions there are many differences, ceramic plate marketing must according to the actual situation according to the operation Chinese.

Finally, the successful case no product application. Ceramic plate production after the success, Monalisa began to set up sales team, started product promotion and market development. However, as previously in the successful case of the products there is no related application, product marketing more difficult.

A full range of attack, speed up the pace of promotions

In fact, in the building ceramics industry no one new product marketing is Everything is going smoothly., as microcrystalline stone products are now in the limelight as, introduced from 2001 to 2011 the market hot, but also spent almost ten years.

In the face of many difficulties, the ceramic plate of R & D and production after the success of the construction, Monalisa began to concentrate on the basic work of. From participation in the formulation of ceramic sheet of the relevant industry standards, to improve the installation technology products, the project developers, designers, distributors product installation and misgivings about; and the introduction of industry standards, but also solves the problem of building safety approval no reference standard.

In addition, Monalisa also continue to strengthen the software and hardware construction ceramic plate. In the aspect of making product catalogues, Monalisa every year, and constantly improve the product catalogue content, make more detailed product introduction, deepen engineers, designers, distributors and other consumer groups for the understanding of ceramic sheet products.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the marketing force, Monalisa every year for sales team in the training work vigorously, and the establishment of the plate division, a rise in the ceramic plate marketing to strategic height of the whole group.

In product development, in order to break because of solid products lead to problems spreading resistance, Monalisa R & D team after many times of R & D, finally solved the problem of decoration printing, and also the glaze, polishing, semi polishing, powder fabric technology for ceramic plate production, greatly enhance the decorative performance of the product, makes the product on the wall, the application scope is more extensive.

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