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The business arena: under the background of Internet ceramic industry transformation of the road
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In Tmall mall type "tiles" two words, relevant content can search to one hundred pages. Products covered by tiles, glazed tiles, mosaic, wall as a category, have everything that one expects to find all kinds of specifications. People in the past through the building materials market may not be able to find all products, in Tmall mall can do push to place an order. By electronic commerce changes, is not only the product structure in the store, is the customer buying habits.

So far, although the manufacturers directly into the Tmall, Taobao is still a minority, the intermediate store growing was enough to cause the attention of people. Taobao store must spend a great effort to win the praise of customers, influence and capital evaluation of these visualization, data is to store, but also the analysis of the customer resource data tool. Compared with the traditional ceramic agents, Taobao businesses have more market positioning precision, and more outstanding service ability. These scattered in Taobao, Tmall tile shop, a new marketing concept into the industry, this concept is focused on enhancing the user experience, the product definition, interpreted as a holistic solution.

Ceramic enterprises are still thinking about how to make better use of the Internet, which is very likely to become the ceramic enterprises lay the information war key breakthrough point. On the other hand, resources and operational experience in the traditional enterprise accumulation of ceramic producing complete industrial chain and strong capacity, production and marketing of the asymmetry of information and support for many years, also with many ceramics' entrepreneurial fire. Electronic commerce, is becoming a platform they practice the career ideal.

The opportunity came

In August 12, 2013, the newly established more than a year of Internet brands of ceramic tile "tiles" in Tmall mall. Then in this year's "double eleven" promotional period, created the day sales of 100000 yuan of anecdotes.

"We only do good ceramic tile." This is tile Mr. advertising language, is also responsible person Du Qiong often hangs in mouth edge in a word. For this "great", Du Qiong has its own understanding: the product must be from Dachang, style must be close to the customer, the packaging must be the pursuit of perfection.

Of course, the five layer of thick corrugated carton, equivalent to 2 times the ordinary cardboard thickness. The corner with thickened plastic paper wrap angle, protective tiles four angle, reduce transportation chipping. "Terminal market of high-grade goods, packaging may not be better than we." Du Qiongji confidently said.

For similar Internet ceramic tile brands, there are many beautifully on the significance of packaging. First choose online shopping for more than 80, after the first time home buyers groups, this part of the crowd limited purchasing power, but very focused on product design, appearance and other details. "Customers want to buy affordable products on the Internet, to buy the heart of products." Du Qiongru said.

The importance of high quality packaging during transport, also should not neglect. According to Du Qiong introduction, most parts of the country enjoy the full 3000 bag mail discount. Once a product is in transit damage, very trouble for the replacement will later become. Moreover, "we don't hope arrive after the breakage of packing, affect the brand image." Du Qiong said. Consumer impressions of stores, in receiving the feedback to the "cumulative evaluation" and "stores score", which constitutes the most important assets of the shop.

Ceramic tile shop oriented consumer groups, there are many similarities in the product category, price range. First of all, the shop product prices are often lower than entity shop, determine the cost structure which is composed of two different, the most powerful weapon is also shop attract potential consumer groups. 80, 90 for the first time home buyers groups accustomed to shopping on the Internet, to design the DIY, which eliminates the "high-end products" and "design" two options. Online shop ceramic tile for the economic benefits of the classic antique, wood, tiles, bathroom wall and other categories, space design and often with visually prominent. "In order to set the tone for our brand, our team has made a special trip to Tuscany, Provence to collecting folk songs, inspection, in order to inspire." Du Qiong said.

From the cultural and aesthetic level, narrowing the distance with consumers, is the group of young Taobao "stores" obvious advantages. To Taobao type service business ideas ceramic tile brand, is the difference between this group of entrepreneurs and traditional channel operators on the level of mind. "Behind the tiles", is an immersed industry for many years the team. Resources, professional skills, thinking advantage, they are to build links between ceramic and electric capital. On the other hand, whether about electric itself advantages can be fully digested, in fact is also faced with many practical problems.

As everyone knows, "'eleven' is Taobao promotional tool, which stimulates the purchasing power makes the entity shop jealous. However, ceramic tile business may not be able to successfully use this opportunity. "The 'eleven' on the same day shipments, high load of logistics operation, to store a challenge." An unnamed industry sources said. The tile itself is a bulk cargo, and Taobao stores are often ten following a small team, impossible to feed their own logistics team, once the face of excess load order status, probably all fronts. In this way, they will be the bad review.

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