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Interpretation of the terminal channel change trend - "circulation" distance
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With the increase of the brand, rising operating costs, the ceramic industry has entered a terminal distributor diversified era of competition, in the past a second-tier dealers operating single brand, three or four lines of small dealers operating "mom and pop" model has been difficult in Under the current market environment to survive.

So the transformation and upgrading of ceramic brand among simultaneously, the terminal dealers have begun to integrate the channel change and resources. For small and medium sized dealers, due to the limited strength, its main way to integrate channel resources tend to be self-organizing or participating in a third-party organization's brand alliances, by way of sharing with other brands of consumer groups to get promoted sales; to medium-sized dealer, continues to expand its product chain, to build a multi-brand and even pan-home brand management, make full use of the advantages of the existing channels to become a particular area within its reduced risk product sales; for large dealers, relying on its strong ability to integrate resources, make your own from the traditional flow of business to become a reseller, integration of different categories of product brand, creating a marketing model for their own development, product marketing functions to be borne by the downstream distributors, store by the distributors construction.

However, it should be noted that, although no matter what type of dealers, are moving in the direction of the development of the flow of business, but the current status of the domestic market, ceramics dealer in order to successfully move to the flow of business, regardless of the ceramic industry pattern, the maturity of China's economy on its own strength or dealer, ideas have decided to implement this change, the industry still has a long way to go.

Sinoref home model for the operation of the circulation of the ceramic industry provides a valuable reference case.


2010, for the construction of Harbin into a limited liability company, is the development of the history of an extraordinary year.

2008 global financial crisis, with the introduction of the National 4 trillion to save the city policy, the ceramic industry in 2009 ushered in a crazy, crazy and this extended to the entire first half of 2010.

But It is in this madness, a construction company in the field of ceramics sales failed to be as crazy as they expected, so in 2010 the company for strategic adjustments, trying to re-agent, a new brand, and Harbin, the market has been re-investigated.

Harbin to build a limited liability company in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, a local professional agent domestic and international famous brands of indoor and outdoor construction, decoration materials, home building materials company and its home, building materials sales business involves tiles, sanitary ware, wallpaper, curtains, mattresses, floor Ping and so on.

For a construction company, the tiled bathroom is the company's business has always been an important part of the sale. In 2010, due to various reasons, the company abandoned the original tile brand agency, hoping to re-brand the agent a tile.

Zhang Jian, general manager of Harbin to build a limited liability company, said the company in Foshan after the operation mode of each ceramic brand, product features, development prospects to understand, there is purpose to go to Foshan, and field visits to a number of brand headquarters.

Because of this visit, a construction company is to go with the project, this was relatively quick success of many brands, more realistic requirements for dealers, which is often considered the dealer shipments, while the after-sales service, quality assurance and other details are not paid enough attention.

Zhang Jian said, and this is in stark contrast to the Foshan ceramics certain brands is extremely cool, especially before the time that the company has projects in Harbin urgent shipment of tile products, the brand has also contacted the brand Harbin dealers, trying to influence the company resulting from the Factory shipments to minimize their smooth transition ceramic brand of the Harbin agency offers a range of help and support.

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