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Chinese ceramics revival of the road long way to go
发布时间:2014/04/14    浏览次数:3222
Positive Shenzhen Fair, exhibition on a blend of ceramic products around the country, which, as China's most famous Jingdezhen ceramics, its cultural symbols is how it formed? The day before yesterday, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Party Committee, Vice-President Chen auditorium before rain guest civic culture, about the cultural connotation of Jingdezhen ceramics.

Chen introduced before rain Jingdezhen as "Millennium porcelain," the formation and development history. "Jingdezhen ceramics culture can be characterized by 'profound, system integrity, style unique, magical, far-reaching' to summarize." He said.

What is a ceramic culture? Chen Yu Qian believed that this refers to the ceramic mud burning and sales process of consumption and in all aspects presented in the material culture, craft culture, system culture, behavior, physical and cultural patterns and emotional, psychological, ideas, customs, etc. spiritual and cultural outlook.

"China's ceramic culture has been leading the world in recent years, but since the porcelain craft spread to Europe, has been rapidly catching up, and now a world-class ceramic brands are born in Europe or Japan and other regions, there is no energy in China Global-known brands, "Chen Yu Qian said:" The revival of Chinese ceramic culture, we still have a long way to go. "

To this end, Chen before rain hoping in the academic efforts of ceramic culture promotion. As "Jingdezhen to learn" the author, Chen before rain in the seminar to introduce the "Jingdezhen science", which is a reason to Jingdezhen ceramics culture and the main object of study, the theory of Jingdezhen Ceramic Cultural Heritage systematic comprehensive study disciplines. He said that "Jingdezhen learning", precisely in order to better promote the Jingdezhen ceramics culture.

"Millennium Jingdezhen kiln fire cast a rich cultural heritage, cultural heritage is concentrated ceramic carrier nation, and the world cultural essence is the ancestors left us a precious wealth, is a valuable non-renewable resources." Chen Yu Qian said: "Jingdezhen China is also the world 'Jingdezhen to learn' is the Chinese, but also of the world. 'Jingdezhen to learn' is bound to provide theoretical guidance and practical templates for the cultural heritage and promote ceramics, ceramics for the protection of cultural heritage make a positive contribution. "
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