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      HUAFUDUN ceramics is a new brand that belongs to the Guangdong JINSHUNTONG Company, located in China Ceramic City-Foshan and export tiles to all around the world.

      HUAFUDUN ceramics is well known in R & D, production, sales and service. Its main products are micro-crystal tiles, polished porcelain tile, polished glazed tiles, rustic tiles and so on. Our products are not only best-selling in domestic, but also export to all around the world. In the meanwhile, we use the advanced production equipment and import entire production line from Italy in order to enhance the quality of products. In addition, we have professional R & D and innovation team.

      To win the world with good quality and achieve customers requirements according to market guidance, HUAFUDUN ceramics is to pay more attention to strengthen its management. “high demand management, high-qualified staff, high level technology, high quality products” as our motto. In order to create the ideal of harmonious life, the elements of art, nature and individual products will be used to creat beautiful space.

Technical support: WANTSUNAddress:No.16, C21, Ceramics International Trade Center, Foshan, China